Creepy Oculist Glass Pipe Monster Edition

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The Oculist Sensation!


Scary is the right word to describe the artistic design of this smoking pipe. But its colors are quite attractive to customers.


This product is a strong and durable smoking pipe. Made from the very best quality glass material known as Pyrex or Borosilicate glass. This glass does not crack or damage when heated to high temperatures.


The diameter of the inner chamber of this smoking pipe is 14cm. The inner chamber is sizable and helps control excessive intake at a given time. The size also rules out the need for frequent refills. Both beginners and veterans can use this product because of the controlled amount that passes through at a given time. 


A perfect lightweight pipe.


The overall dimensions of this Creepy Oculist smoking pipe are 8 x 18 x 7 cm. This product weighs 0.250kg, making it the perfect lightweight smoking pipe. Depending on the size of one’s pocket, this Oculist Glass Pipe Monster Edition 14cm smoking pipe is portable enough to fit in perfectly, or it can be slipped into a handbag.



  • Brand: Black Sheep.
  • Material: Glass and clay.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 15 x 7cm.
  • Color: Various colors.
  • Model: Creepy Oculist.
  • Screens are not included.


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