Green Frames Glass Spoon Pipe

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The Glass Pipe That Keeps Giving


This Green Frames Glass Spoon Pipe is made of thick and durable borosilicate glass. It features a straightforward but lovely design that will appeal to buyers for a long time. The thick glass is resistant to heat, which makes it perfect for usage in hot environments.


But this isn’t the only reason it is incredible. Because borosilicate is impact-resistant, it can withstand high-altitude falls. Your customers won’t have to worry about the glass pipe cracking, being damaged, or the colors being scratched off if they drop it by accident.


From top to bottom, the glass pipe has orange, yellow, and green accent colors. The parts effectively complement the handle, resulting in a secure grip. 


A Real Bargain.


The pipe has a velvety texture that will feel good in the hands of your customers. When put on its side, its substantial base stops it from rolling away. As a result, instead of holding the glass pipe with one hand while using the other, users can carefully arrange their buds on the base.


This pipe is also practical as well as stylish. The pipe is made of hand-blown glass with a unique design and a small tip to ensure a pleasant relaxation experience for your customers.


A green mouthpiece and a carb hole on top allow the user to regulate the airflow according to their tastes. Your customers can put their preferred herb in the bowl at the end of the pipe and enjoy the sensation while it burns.



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