Heisenberg Standard Bowl with Glass Sieve

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Heisenberg Standard Bowl with glass sieve 18.8

Height: ca. 6cm incl. cut-section
Ground glass joint: 18.8mm
Diameter: ca. 25mm

With fixed glass sieve (not removable)

Heisenberg Standard Bowl with glass sieve for 18.8 bongs

The Heisenberg standard bowl with glass sieve is a bong bowl made of clear borosilicate glass. A star-shaped glass screen is permanently attached to the inside of the bong bowl piece, thus eliminating the need for an extra hanging screen. The connection of the bowl corresponds to a male ground glass joint of the size 18.8. A rectangular handle made of glass simplifies the use of the Heisenberg standard bowl when smoking via lift-off. Because only with a handle your fingers are effectively protected from burns by the heated bowl.

Note: The holes of the glass strainer are bigger than those of a hanging screen. Therefore, do not grind your herbs too finely, otherwise the herbs may fall through the glass sieve too soon. In case of doubt, you can always insert an additional sieve into the bowl.

Product weight 0.02 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color clear
Cut 18.8


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