Pollen Press Stainless Steel



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Details on the Pollen press:

Height: ca. 8,5 cm
Max. Width: ca. 6,5 cm
Length cylinder: ca. 6,5 cm
Diameter cylinder: ca. 2,5 cm

Dimensions of the box :
ca. 12 x 10 3.5 cm

Easy production of pieces with the pollen press

The stainless steel pollen press is easy to use. It can be cleaned without difficulty, since it can be completely disassembled into its individual parts. Water and moisture cannot harm it.

To use the T-press, plant material is placed inside the screwed-on plunger. By turning the handle, heat and pressure are applied during the pressing process to compress the material to the desired density into a ” piece ” (or coin). Any remaining moisture within the material is removed during this process. The degree of density determines the rate of combustion of the resulting piece.

Following the pressing process, the press should be cleaned properly. Generally, a little hot water or a light soap solution is sufficient to make the press look like new again. We also advise you to maintain the screw thread at regular intervals so that the Honeypuff stainless steel pollen press remains smooth-running even with frequent use.

Product weight 0.27 kg
Age verification No
Material RVS
Color silver


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