Maka – Kratom Super White Maeng Da

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White Maeng Da is arguably one of the most unique subvarieties of the classic Maeng Da kratom strain.

Maeng Da originated in fertile lands of Thailand, and this is where its all subtypes come from – including White Maeng Da. For all kratom connoisseurs out there, White Maeng da will be an appealing strain in terms of its history.

As for its parent, Maeng Da is the creme de la creme of all kratom strains from the day Kratom started spreading across the world.


Why White Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is a primary category of all subvarieties of this strain. It’s also a combination of many Kratom strains grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. Further, Maeng Da can be broken into the following types:

Red vein Maeng Da
Green vein Maeng Da
White vein Maeng Da
These colors attributed to each strain represents a particular color of the veins that are running through kratom leaves. You don’t even have to give the plant an in-depth examination, as these veins are noticeable with a naked eye.

Of course, White Maeng Da is the Maeng Da strain which has bright white leaf veins. The color of the vein reflects the unique properties of each kratom type.


25 Gram, 50 Gram


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