Monkey King Cookies Smell Unbleached Rolling Papers with Tips

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King Size Slim Unblached paper, unbleached paper made from natural fibers without any type of dye or additive.
Slow burning and with 100% natural gum arabic.
140 gr unbleached cardboard filters with pre-punching to facilitate the shape of the filter and improve filtration.
Collection with SMELL OF COOKIES in the packaging.

Each pack contains 100% natural unbleached papers that burn slowly, so users can truly savor the unique taste and smell. Reap the benefits of the Monkey King variety cookie smell and get that unique taste. Start stocking your shelves and provide your customers with a memorable rolling experience with these Monkey King Cookies Smell Unbleached Rolling Papers with Tips!

Each display contains 24 pieces of these papers

Slow Burning Arabic gum 100% Ultra thin 14gr.
Paper Size
108 mm X 44 mm
Paper weight m2
14 gr. / m2
Type of material
Unbleached Paper
Number of sheets for booklet
32 Leaves


Pre-Punching Cardboard 140 gr.
Size with filter
51 mm X 25 mm
Type of material
Kraft 140 gr. Unbleached
Number of filters for book
16 filters X2


Displays for box
30 Displays
Nº Filters for book
24 KS + Tips

1, 24 (Full Box)


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