STONED APE SEEDS Feminized – The Remedy

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Plant Appearance:

It matures over its brief 9-week flowering span. Maintaining an ideal balance between sativa (50%) and indica (50%), the plant reveals a robust and well-structured form, laying the foundation for the upcoming vibrant sensory encounter.

The Taste & Smell:

Immerse yourself in the zesty embrace of Citrus, complemented by a medley of Fruity sweetness. The distinct Mango undertones weave through, creating a delectable symphony that promises to elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.


Enriched with a THC potency of 24% and an impressive CBD content of 18%, THE REMEDY stands as a well-balanced hybrid with equal parts sativa and indica (50%/50%). Experience the harmonious effects unfold, delivering a blissful fusion of relaxation and uplifting euphoria. This balanced strain caters to both the seasoned connoisseur and those seeking therapeutic relief.

Growing Characteristics/Yield:

Cultivating THE REMEDY proves to be a gratifying endeavor, with its concise 9-week flowering period offering a relatively swift turnaround. This balanced hybrid, equally sativa and indica, showcases resilience in its growth, making it an attractive choice for growers of varied expertise. Explore the potential of THE REMEDY, reaping the rewards of a bountiful harvest while experiencing the culmination of its captivating flavors and effects.

Seedbank Stoned Ape Seeds
Gender Feminised
Variety Hybrid (40/60 – 60/40)
Type of flowering Photoperiod
Flowering time (indoors) 9-10 weeks
THC Very High THC (over 20%)
CBD content High
Yield High
Plant Height Medium

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