Chronic Caviar Feminized – Purple Urkel 5 seeds

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Genetics: Indica dominant
Crossing: Mendochino purps
Flowering time indoor: 70-84 days
Height indoor: 100-180cm
Yield indoor: 400-500 g/m2
Lifecycle outdoor: 7 months
Height outdoor: 200-250cm
Yield outdoor: 500-1000 g/plant
THC percentage: 22%
This strain needs no introduction. A phenotype of a Grandaddy Purple. A staple of US genetics. One of the strains that started off the exotic-cannabis hype, one can say. It is a very much originally Californian strain supposedly coming from the Mendocino County. It is famous Mendo (Mendo Breath) genetics behind this strain that makes it so special. Even though it is considered as a very old strain (1980’s) it has been used and is still being used today to create many new cannabis crosses which produce that wonderfully lavendery-berry-grapey flavour. Its effects may not be the strongest out of our seed collection, but the flavor of the Purple Urkle will convince many consumers. Also, it’s wonderful purple coloration is a pleasure for the eye.

Deeply relaxing, full-body-high cannabis for the night use or total relaxation. Purple Urkle is known to contain many cannabinoids next to THC also some CBD, CBG and CBN. Therefore it can be seen as one of the most medicinal strains in our catalogue.Easy to smoke or vape due to its smoothness. Its moderate cerebral effects make it also a daily-use strain, or a beginners choice. Easy to cultivate classic US strain that will grow very fast and look beautifully!


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