Chronic Caviar Feminized – Wifi OG 5 seeds

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The original OG Kush crossed with Fire OG and The White for a powerful effect and to satisfy the needs of those who prefer big, hefty indicas. Just three to five potent hits from this sweet tasting herb is enough for even the veteran smokers to be relaxed and refreshed.

Wifi OG was developed in California as early as 2000’s by breeding together different kush strains. Moderate yielded plant that does well indoors or out.

Wifi OG is the child of two legends. Its parents are The White and Fire OG, both indica-heavy hybrids with effects that place oneself in a state of total body relaxation accompanied by steady mood elevation. WifiOG takes this powerful combination to the next level by leveraging its own genetics for optimization. Great strain. Really great strain!

Genetics: Indica dominant
Crossing: Fire OG x The White
Flowering time indoor: 56-63 days
Height indoor: 90-120cm
Yield indoor: 500-660 g/m2
Lifecycle outdoor: 7 months
Height outdoor: 200-250cm
Yield outdoor: 500-660 g/m2
THC percentage: 24-28%


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