Chronic Caviar Feminized – Green Crack Gorilla 5 seeds

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Genetics: Sativa dominant
Crossing: Green crack x Gorilla Glue
Flowering time indoor: 60-65 days
Height indoor: 130-150cm
Yield indoor: 550-600 gr/m2
Lifecycle outdoor: 7 months
Height outdoor: 300cm
Yield outdoor: 1000-2000 g/plant
THC percentage: 25-30%
The US cannabis genetics history could never be written without the two strains that put the American cannabis forward. The Green Crack and the Gorilla Glue are two power-house strains that both have reached a level of classic strains despite their young lives. The combination of both is made possibly exclusively by our team of breeders and cannot be easily found among other seedbanks. If you’re looking for an exclusive, very potent and sturdy cross that nobody else in your neighborhood ever had, the Green Crack Gorilla is your best choice!!
This cross has been designed by a breeder specialized in GG#4, and we are proud owners of this cross since it’s not available widely across other seedbanks. Therefore, our Green Crack Gorilla is an exclusive release. So, don’t sleep on it!
The great production and fruity cerebral, day-time traits of Green Crack (aka Mango or Green Cush), combined with the ultimate power of Gorilla Glue will provide you with a power-pack. This cross will give a cultivator a selection of different phenotypes which will represent both parents. Most phenotypes are sturdy and resistant to high temperatures and will not stretch a lot. Expect fruity gassy goodness with a high yield.

Green Crack Gorilla can have a great medicinal value, especially for people who need some calm and focus throughout the day, without getting too overwhelmed with the mental raciness. The GG4 genetics in it on the other hand will bring some patients huge pain relief as well as mental peace for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD


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