Chronic Caviar Feminized – Black Dog OG 5 seeds

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Genetics: Indica dominant
Crossing: Blackberry Kush x Emerald Headband
Flowering time indoor: 48-55 days
Height indoor: 120-140cm
Yield indoor: 400-500 g/m2
Lifecycle outdoor: 7 months
Height outdoor: 200-300cm
Yield outdoor: 1000-3000 g/plant
THC percentage: 16-21%
Originally created in the gardens of Humboldt, California, Black Dog OG is a must in the seeds collection of any good seedbank specialized in the US genetics. Black Dog OG is a masterfully crafted super-cross of two amazing strains. It is Blackberry Kush crossed with Headband (Emerald cut) that created a very potent OG Kush strain under the name of Black Dog OG. Next to our WiFi OG and Blue Headband, the Black Dog OG is the best choice for the fans of some strong, classic OG smoke! This strain is also called Black Dawg, Blackberry Dog, Emdog Strain, Black OG Kush, or Black OG.

Black Dog OG is not only potent but also beautiful looking plant. It will produce dark, purple leaves. It is also one of the most indica dominant strains in our collection. It produces a very strong cerebral and later on full-body high that at some point will put you to sleep, or will cause you couch-lock. It is a really fast finishing plant! Normally this strain would need approx. 60 days of flowering to finish, but harvesting it at day 53-55 could possibly result in a little less of amber trichomes which will make a high less potent and more uplifting and energizing.

When it comes to its flavor and aroma, the Black Dog OG will be characterized by a typical OG Kush dieselly earthiness, coming from the Headband, and a Kushy and berry/ grapey fruitiness from the Blackberry Kush lianage. There are not many pheno variations. Most pheno’s are OG and Headband dominant so you can also expect a lot of pinene terpene to elevate you sporits and spark creativity. Only a little percentage of phenos obtains the Blackberry traits.
Black Dog OG is a strong plant in the vegetative period, by which you can obtain a great yield by letting it veg for around 5-6 weeks! It’s relatively easy to grow. Some root stimulant and pots bigger then 11 liters will guarantee you a harvest full of dense OG nugs within only 60 days. Topping, LST and SCROG will work well with this strain, so you can keep them sturdy and bushy.


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